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Movie: Anjaam (1994)
Star Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit
Synopsis/Plot: Vijay Agnihotri comes from a wealthy family and is very spoiled. He meets Shivani in airplane who is a flight attendant with whom he instantly falls for but she shows no interest in him – this does not stop Vijay and he continues to pursue her, only to be rejected every time. Vijay informs his mother that he intends to marry Shivani. When they approach Shivani’s family with a proposal, they witness Shivani marry another man named Ashok. Vijay is now heartbroken. Shivani and Ashok decide to move to America.
Four years later, Vijay still cannot forget Shivani and repeatedly turns down marriage proposals brought by his mother. He again comes across Shivani and Ashok who have a daughter named Pinky. Vijay befriends Ashok with fake airline project as the hope of getting closer to Shivani. Ashok is totally oblivious to Vijay's real intentions, to the extent that he does not believe Shivani when she tries to convince him of what Vijay is planning against them. One day, Ashok kicks Shivani out of their house after they have an argument. Vijay witnesses this and severely beats Ashok, leaving him unconscious. When Ashok is being treated in the hospital, Vijay removes the oxygen mask keeping Ashok alive, thereby killing him. Shivani attempts to convince the police that Vijay was responsible for Ashok’s death. However, Vijay bribes his friend, Inspector Arjun Singh, to provide an alibi, meaning Shivani is not believed and Vijay is released without charge. Vijay then approaches Shivani's house and begs her to say she loves him. When she refuses, he frames Shivani for his attempted murder and she is sentenced to three years in prison whilst Pinky is placed under the care of Shivani's sister and drunkard brother-in-law(Tinu Anand). Her brother-in-law treats Pinky extremely badly which eventually causes her to run away with the help of her aunt. Vijay then kills Shivani’s sister and daughter by running them over. Shivani learns about their deaths and realises Vijay is the one who killed them and will now go to any lengths to seek revenge. In an attempt to escape, she makes a complaint about the brutality of her prison guard. Again her plea is ignored. In prison she comes to know that she is pregnant with Ashok's child . When the prison guard learns that Shivani tried to complain, she gives her a severe beating which causes her to have a miscarriage. Shivani kills the prison guard and escapes.
First, she goes to her house and kills her brother-in-law by choking him with rupee notes and chewing off a significant amount of flesh from his arm. Inspector Singh learns about the murder and suspects Shivani. He tries to rape her in a barn, but she sets the barn on fire killing him in the process. She then searches for Vijay where she comes to know that he has moved to Bangalore. She then goes to work at a hospital for the mentally ill and finds Vijay, who had become paralysed in the car accident after running over Shivani's family. She volunteers to look after him and rehabilitate him. When cured, Vijay begs Shivani to say she loves him. She opens her arms to him. Whilst they embrace, she stabs him and then starts attacking him for everything he did. She confesses that she made him better for one purpose: to kill him. (She says it's a sin to kill a handicapped person, who cannot defend himself.) Eventually, they both dangle from a cliff (with Vijay holding onto Shivani’s foot). Vijay says that if he falls to his death he'll take Shivani with him. Shivani then says that it is not necessary for her to live as long as Vijay is dead. So she lets go off the cliff and they both fall to their deaths.