Babul Ki Galiyan Hindi Family Film

Watch Babul Ki Galiyan (1972) Hindi Movie Online Free Shatrughan Sinha, Hema Malini, Babul Ki Galiyan Full Movie Online, Full Length Babul Ki Galiyan Hindi Movie Free.

A story about two sisters Sharda and Rekha, where Sharda is younger of the two. After completing her school, Sharda wants to attend college, but her grandfather refuses to her decision. Sharda is aware that her family is hiding something from her, and that was the only reason for not letting her attend college. She asks her mother about the reason, where she tells her about her elder sister Rekha, who eloped with a spoilt brat named Dinesh, while she was in her college days. But, Sharda succeeds in convincing her family to let her attend college. Sudhir is a spoilt rich brat who studies with Sharda in college. Sudhir's father wants to teach him a lesson to get him out of his bad habits, and he puts up an act where he tells his son that they have become very poor due to some losses he had faced. Sudhir starts a business in partnership with Dinesh, where Dinesh wants to destroy Sharda's life also. Will Sharda be able to get out from Dinesh's trap? Will Sudhir save Sharda from Dinesh?