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Plot: Rubi, Disha Mohini are very good friends living in a Hostel. They all belong to rich family, Rubi&Disha are totally modern&they take Drink, Smoke and they are Lesbos. Mohini who is totally opposite. She is modern but she never drinks or smoke.Pinky who is just 15 years who have to look after her father who is not doing any thing, only he wants money for drink. One day when Pinky is just going for School where she is tred to be raped but same time Ruby came and made her safe and took her to her home. Last day of collage when they have holidays decided to have a small picnic to Mohini's Farm house where they took pinky also. In Mohini's farm House they meet Shamu Kaka and Birjoo who is Mohini's servant seeing Birjoo, Disha felt Love with him.One day when Birjoo took tea for Disha, he fount her Dead according to police she was murdered, and police warn them that cannot leave the farm house till they find the murderer.Next day when Shamu Kaka saw Birjoo murdered. How and why Disha&Birjoo was murdered nobody knows.Here comes Inspector Sunil Seeing him everybody was shocked because he is just a duplicate to Birjoo Same face and Height body. Inspector Sunil decides to catch the murderers by dramatic way with the help of Mohini and he succeeds. They found that the murderer was Rubi who was Lesbo and cannot see Disha and Birjoo together and at last finish her self also.Mohini and Inspector Sunil got married all live happily for even.