Bhagam Bhag Comedy Hindi Movie

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Movie: Bhagam Bhag (2006)
Star Cast: Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Lara Dutta, Jackie Shroff, Paresh Rawal, Tanushree Dutta, Rajpal Yadav
Synopsis/Plot: A theatre group from India performs shows all over the country. Champak Chaturved (Paresh Rawal), who has created the group, is offered a chance perform a show in London. Bunty (Akshay Kumar) and Babla (Govinda) flirt with the heroine of the show, which causes her to run away. This really upsets the organizer, who offered the chance mainly because of the heroine.

Chaturved gives an ultimatum to Bunty and Babla: whoever gets a new actress will be the hero. Then Babla asks Gullu (Rajpal Yadav) where he can find a heroine. Gullu misinterprets this as 'heroin' and directs him to a park. Bunty, who has heard everything, follows them. Two strange men arrive and Bunty and Babla assume they will supply them with a heroine, but they turn out to be part of the underworld. The strange men trade bags and run as soon as they see the police. It turns out that the two are working for MG Gandhi (Manoj Joshi), who believes Bunty and Babla are undercover cops. Babla and Bunty chase them because the men have taken their bag of clothes. They lose the men, open the bag, and find drugs. Bunty convinces Babla into going to the police to turn in the drugs to get good credit or an award, but the police get the wrong impression and think they are drug dealers. Commissioner JD Mehra (Jackie Shroff) releases them after telling them not to leave the country until they are proven innocent.

Bunty and Gullu bump into Munni (Lara Dutta), who is trying to commit suicide. Bunty saves her and brings her to the theatre group to be the heroine. He becomes the hero, which frustrates Babla. Bunty falls in love with Munni, but then she has an accident. The doctor notices that she may be suicidal and Chaturved and Babla also notice she is suicidal. When Munni wakes up, she does not recognize anyone and asks for her husband Vikram Chauhan (Arbaaz Khan). Confused, the group asks her who she is and she says she is Nisha. It turns out she is married and mentally ill. Bunty is heartbroken and everything goes back to the way it was.

Later, the group finds out that Nisha has been burned alive, and Bunty is grief-stricken that his love is dead. However, as Bunty and Babla are touring the city, Bunty sees Nisha and follows her with Babla, but they lose her. Then during a show, Chaturved sees Nisha and is frightened. He, Bunty and Babla go to where Chaturved saw her. Vikram suddenly appears, yelling and ready to shoot someone, but then dies. All three are frightened and throw his body down a vent. During the performance, Vikram's body falls from the ceiling. The commissioner questions everyone and arrests Bunty, Babla, and Chaturved: He believes they killed Vikram. MG Gandhi wants the three dead because he thinks they're going to get him thrown in jail. Gandhi's men get their car aligned with the police car and throw a grenade. This helps Babla, Bunty, and Chaturved to escape. They decide to find Nisha and try to prove they are innocent.

They find clues, leading them to a railway station where Nisha is. Bunty and Babla trap her at the clock tower of Brighton station. It is revealed her real name is Aditi and she was hired by Vikram to play his wife Nisha and convince people she is crazy in return for money and a passport out of the UK. Vikram wanted to kill his real wife Nisha to get her wealth. When Aditi found out about his ways, she tried to stop him and failed. She later tried to reach Bunty at the show to tell him about it, but Vikram caught her. Then the Commissioner arrived at the play and killed Vikram since Vikram killed Nisha, who was the Commissioner's younger sister.

Eventually, all the characters end up at the tower in their own way. Things go crazy and hilarious events take place, making everyone end up in the hospital. The commissioner (Jackie Shroff) confesses that he killed Vikram and goes to jail. The film ends with the item song playing.