Dushmani - The Target Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Dushmani - The TargetSynopsis : Bangaram (Pawan) is a TV scribe who dreams big of making it at the international arena. Hisdestination is the venerable BBC. But he finds life tough in a local channel where he is employed. Due toa circumstance of events, he ends up in the household of Peddi Reddy (Mukesh Rishi), the head honchoof the TV channel, at Kurnool. The local factionist leader Bhuma Reddy (Ashutosh Raina) is a wily manand he improvises the situation to fix marriage for his brother with Peddi Reddy's daughter Sandhya(Meera Chopra). But this modern girl is in love with Vinay (Raja). Bangaram comes to know of thisdilemma. So he goes out of the way to ensure that Sandhya and Vinay get married. In the process, healso has some fun with another journalist (Reema Sen).