House No. 13 Horror Hindi Movie

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Synopsis:This, like every other Bollywood horror movie begins on the obligatory dark and stormy night lashing down ominous hosepipes of rain. A new family arrives at an old creaking Haveli, as they have been able to buy it at a snip on the market for reasons they hitherto failed to comprehend.. With this highly promising shock start House No.13 kicks into high gear. Soon, the brood, headed by the venerable and seasoned veteran horror thespian Anil Dhawan arrive at their new residence quite oblivious of its grisly past but there excitement soon turns to horror as things start going terribly wrong. The old wheezing grandfather complains that the mirror in his room is up to some tricks clouding over with smoke, but his claims are met with disbelief. Later that night the bad fake Mona Lisa painting above his bed starts developing a seriously bad skin rash and then, in one of the films most chilling and effective scenes, the painted woman's hair starts to grow - the tresses emerging like nightmarish ropes of death twirling around the old man, snaring him in a ghastly death trap. Later on in the proceedings a child has a terrifying encounter with a puppet resembling Lady Elaine Fairchild and is revealed to contain within it's interior, plasma, miniature organs (pancreas, gall blatter,&c.), and a complete, fully working central nervous system. Needless to say, the doll ends up in a meat grinder.Director Baby pulls out all the stops and handles the shock scenes exceptionally well clearly indicating a strong flair for the genre. Fortunately the film isn't destroyed by the presence of a comedian sidekick, which in itself is a major blessing -- no Jagdeep, no Narendranath, Snackpipe or Asrani!. However the half dozen or so totally forgettable songs featuring a pansy as the lead hero slow things down to a yawn on one or two occasions -- but to be fair, Baby keeps things moving along fairly rapidly despite the musical interludes, and there is enough horror interspersed through the movie to keep genre fans interested.