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Movie: Ishq (1997)
Star Cast: Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Juhi Chawla, Kajol
Synopsis/Plot: Ranjit Rai (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) and Harbanslal (Dalip Tahil) are two wealthy business magnates who absolutely despise poor people. They think poor people are like insects who spread germs and disease and contaminate the earth with filthiness. They decide their children, Ajay (Ajay Devgan) and Madhu (Juhi Chawla), would marry wealthy spouses because they hate poor people. They also try to break their children's friendship with Raja (Aamir Khan) and Kajal (Kajol) who are poor. One day Ajay spots Kajal and crashes into Madhu's car, creating chaos between Raja and Madhu. Ajay and Kajal fall in love and meet up in Ooty, where Ajay was supposed to go to see Madhu. Raja decides to go to Ooty too as he wanted to tease Madhu over there. There, Madhu put Raja and Ajay in a car with no brakes and Raja decided to get revenge by scaring Madhu into thinking they were dead and their ghosts were going to kill her. This upsets Madhu and she slaps Raja. An angry Raja decides to go back home but Madhu stops him and they kiss each other, eventually falling in love. The next day, their fathers are waiting for Madhu and Ajay (supposed to be in love). However, they find Ajay with Kajal and Madhu with Raja. This angers them and they try very hard to separate the couples. They try to bribe them and when that doesn't work they try to kill Kajal and Raja. They even deceivingly get Ajay and Madhu to sign a marriage certificate which indicates that they are lawfully married to each other. When the children realize what their fathers really did, they refuse to back down.

Eventually, the parents play a nasty trick. They trick the lovers into believing that they have changed their ways and are ready for their children to get married to their lovers as they had wished. But at their engagement ceremony, the fathers show pictures of Raja and Kajal acting very intimate with each other. Raja and Kajal are willing to prove their innocence, but the fathers are determined to keep them away. To make matters worse, Kajal's uncle falsely testifies to the fabricated illicit affair between Raja and Kajal and says that she has also aborted his baby twice. In fact, Kajal's uncle was paid to lie in front of Ajay and Madhu.

Ajay and Madhu break up with Kajal and Raja, thus their fathers' plan to separate the lovers and create a rift between Ajay and Raja succeeds. The situation worsens further when Ajay and Madhu think that Kajal is pregnant with Raja's child again as they saw them walking out of a maternity hospital. They go to Raja's house where they see Kajal lying on a bed and sarcastically tell her congrats about her pregnancy. They also tell Raja and Kajal that they are getting married. After hearing about this, Kajal tries to kill herself. But Raja stops her. He then goes to punish those people who caused them misery and ill-fate. He tries to rape Madhu, but Ajay stops him and the police come along with Ajay and Madhu's fathers and arrest him. The police beat Raja brutally and Kajal goes to plead for him to be released from jail. The fathers agree to let him go but on a condition that Kajal and Raja must leave the country for good. Kajal agrees to do so and Raja is set free.

Raja refuses to leave the country but Kajal eventually convinces him to do so. Ajay and Madhu's wedding is about to start when Ajay's uncle suddenly shuts the light and shows them pictures which prove that Raja and Kajal are in fact innocent and that the fathers played the dirty trick in order to separate the lovers and get their children to marry each other. Kajal's uncle also testifies that he was paid by the fathers to lie about Raja and Kajal. Ajay tries to kill his father but his conscience stops him. He then tries to kill himself but Madhu stops him. She tells him that this is not the time to repent for their mistakes. This is the time to ask for forgiveness from Raja and Kajal. Ajay's uncle tells them that they should hurry because Raja and Kajal are about to leave the country.

Ajay and Madhu rush to the shipyard but the crewman stops them. Ajay pleads his case to the crewman and the crewman agrees to let him go. Fortunately, Ajay and Madhu succeed to stop Raja and Kajal just in time and they ask for forgiveness. Raja and Kajal forgive them and they get back together. Then the fathers show up and ask for forgiveness. The lovers forgive them as they realize that this time indeed the fathers have realized their mistake and the film ends on a happy note.