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Watch Bollywood Kaun (1999) Suspense Thriller Hindi Movie Online Free Starring Urmila, Manoj Bajpai, Kaun Full Length Thriller Suspense Hindi Movie Online

Synposis/Plot: In the Malhotra household, a young woman (Urmila Matondkar) is preparing to spend a quiet evening with her pet kitty, watching cable television. The doorbell rings, and she sees through the peephole that it is a young man, who later identifies himself as Sameer A. Purnavale (Manoj Bajpai), claiming to be an employee of Mr. Malhotra. She is reluctant to open the door, even to talk to this stranger, as the police had just issued a warning about a killer at large in this area. She does offer him a sandwich, but he tricks her into opening the door, and lets himself in on the pretext of protecting her from an unknown person, who is making a noise elsewhere in the house.
When no one is found, she asks him to leave, and opens the door, and finds another man with a gun, who later identifies himself as Police Inspector Qureshi (Sushant Singh). The two doubt his credentials, and Sameer phones the nearest police station and calls for help. The two men then get into a fight, and she gets hold of Qureshi's gun, and asks them to sit quietly. It is then revealed that the man claiming to be Inspector Qureshi is in fact a thief. She telephones her mother and ask her to contact the police.
Purnavale tries to kill Qureshi, thinking that he is the serial killer and then uses the telephone to call the police, but finds that the phone is not working. He is unable to understand what is happening and asks Ma'am to hide somewhere safe inside the house. While trying to figure out a solution to the problem, he finds Mr Malhotra's dead body and Ma'am behind him with a knife in her hand. He realises that the killer is none other than Ma'am and tries his best to save himself. But, he is misunderstood by Qureshi who kills him while trying to "save" Ma'am. She then herself kills Qureshi and dances merrily in the rain.
The next day, she cleans all the blood in the house and responds positively to another person who has come to see Mr Malhotra. She smiles eerily and the movie ends.