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Movie: Khandan (1965)
Star Cast: Sunil Dutt, Mumtaz, Nutan
Plot: Two brothers, Jeevandas (Om Prakash) and Shankar (Manmohan Krishna) inherit the farmland on their late father Ramswaroop Lal's passing. Jeevandas marries Bhagvanti (Lalita Pawar) but are childless, while Shankar marries Parvati (Sulochana Chatterjee) and they have two sons, Govind and Shyam. An accident leaves Govind paralyzed in his right leg and Shyam leaves to the city for better education. Many years later, Shyam (Sudesh Kumar) returns and falls in love with Neelima (Mumtaz) and finds his family split in two. The two feuding sides involve Jeevandas, Bhagvanti, Shyam and Neelima on one side and Govind (Sunil Dutt) his wife, Radha (Nutan), Shankar and Parvati on the other. Meanwhile, Navrangi Lal (Pran), a relative who has moved in with the family decides to train his carnival elephant to play a trick with a child. He kidnaps Govind and Radha's son for the purpose. will the feuding family unite to find the little boy?