Krishna Cottage Hindi Movie

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Watch Bollywood Krishna Cottage (2004) Hindi Horror Movie Online Starring Sohail Khan, Ishaa Koppikar, Rati Agnihotri, Krishna Cottage Full Length Movie Online Free

Krishna cottage is a film about the unexplored and unlimited limits of love. Manav and Shanu are studying in the same college. On their engagement day, they happen to meet Disha, a new entrant in their class. Both Manav and Disha get attracted to each other in their first meeting itself. The same night, during the engagement ceremony, Manav saves Disha from a mishap. Manav, Disha and their friend Hirjee, Divya, Hiten, Ali decide to escort a visibly-shaken Disha to her house. But a flat tyre compels them to take shelter in a secluded cottage in a dilapidated condition, Krishna Cottage.And then begins a spate of murders...The mystery deepens when Shanu learns of a bizarre truth.