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Movie:Marte Dam Tak (1987)
Star Cast: Raaj Kumar, Govinda
Inspector Rane (Raaj Kumar) is an honest and diligent Police Office who vows to arrest gangster P.C. Mathur (Kulbhushan Kharbanda). Before he could arrest Mathur, he is framed for murder and sentenced to seven years in prison. After his jail term, Rane becomes an underworld figure known as Rana, and his main motive is to find Mathur at any cost and end him. Rana hires a young man named Jai (Govinda) to kill Mathur. Jai's life stars to spins out of control after he gets sucked in Mathur's devious plans leaving Rana alone to fend himself against Mathur and his growing gang of criminals. How much blood will be shed in this violent tale of revenge and retribution?