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Meri Aashiqui is 2005 Hindi movie Rahul Roy, Manish Mathur, Janki Shah, Mriga Saklani, Prithvi Zutshi and Himani ShivpuriDaniel D'Souza (Rahul Roy) is widower as well as a famous singer. On his wife's deathbed 18 years ago; he promised to dedicate his whole life to bringing up their daughter Jenny (Mriga Saklani) by spending quality time with her which he was unable to do with his wife because of work. Jenny is a doting and doted upon daughter who has a very close relationship with her dad and refers to him as her best friend. She is in love with Romi (Manish Mathur) and hopes to marry him. Jenny's best friend Mehak (Janki Shah) comes to know about her relationship with Romi and is upset that Jenny hadn't told her about it. Jenny takes Mehak around to meet her dad and Mehak falls for her dad. Daniel (along with Jenny and Romi) invites Mehak and her parents to Goa for a short holiday to celebrate Mehak's birthday. Daniel has a one night stand with Mehak (seemingly whilst dreaming about his late wife, Maria) and regrets it instantly. When they get back home Daniel tells Mehak it was a mistake and basically tries to shake her off, not wanting Jenny to find out as she means the world to him, although Mehak won't take no for an answer and pursues him relentlessly.