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Movie: Half Ticket 1962 Star Cast: Kishore Kumar, Madhubala, Pran

Synopsis/Plot: Half Ticket is a comic flick revolving around a playful character whose life is one big prank in itself. Vijay (Kishore Kumar) is a college student who is always up to pranks. After his rustication from college following an instigated prank, which resulted in student body going on strike, his father, decided to ground him by putting responsibility on his shoulders. But the prankster gets even with his dad when he instigates the workers body to strike. Fed up of his antics, he thrown out of the house by his father. Without shelter and money Vijay decides to hit big city, with not enough money to buy even a train ticket, he disguises himself as a half-witted kid and purchases a half ticket. Meanwhile, Raja Babu (Pran), a jewel thief who had just robbed one of the most precious diamonds and had police following him also boards the same train, and when the police close on him, he lodges the diamond in Vijays pocket. Thereafter Vijay separates from Raja Babu and lands up with Rajnis (Madhubala), the girl who shielded him during the train journey from Raja Babu. While Raja Babu is out looking for Vijay, Vijay reveals his identity to Rajni and the two fall in love. What happens there after is one big laugh riot worth a watch.

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