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Movie: Girlfriend (2004)

Star: Amrita Arora , Isha Koppikar , Aashish Chaudhary , Shantanu Chappana

Synopsis: Tanya used to watch her father physically abuse her mother,leading to an early death. After this,she was the target,and when she got to be 18 years,she ran away from home. She hated men and all they stood for and learned kick-boxing and became an expert street-fighter,fighting equally for the money as well as physically injuring her male counterparts. Then she met Sapna and it was love at first sight. Things started to slowly improve for Tanya,and both her and Sapna settled in to a comfortable relationship for five years. But nothing lasts forever,and change came to their lives with the arrival of a London-based shipping company owner,Rahul Choudhary,who met with Sapna and both fell in love. Rahul even took Sapna for an introduction and approval of his mother. That settled,they planned for a marriage within three months. Tanya's world came crushing down,Sapna was her first love and she stood to lose everything. She then schemed a devious scheme that will not only separate Rahul and Sapna,but also ensure that Sapna never even thinks of leaving her again.

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