Watch Kashmir Ki Kali (1964) Old Hindi Classic Movie


Movie: Kashmir Ki Kali
Star: Shammi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore

Synopsis: Kashmir Ki kali - Rajib - Shammi Kapoor, sole heir to a millionaire industrialist, is often chided by his mother, the Rani Maa, for his somewhat erratic behavior. When the Rani Maa insists that Rajib must agree to marry, he takes decision to go away and remain away till such time as mother agrees to change her mind. He goes to Kashmir, where he owns a bungalow and an estate. Into Rajib's life stepped Champa - Sharmila Tagore, the beautiful Kashmiri flower girl who won his heart. As Rajib's romance with Champa blossoms he makes an ugly enemy of Mohan, a local suiter for Champa's hand, and who was doing everything within his power to persuade the blind father of Champa to marry off Champa to him. All at once Rajib and Champa find themselves in the midst of events so stunning that their dream world seemed sure to be destroyed. What happens next?
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