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Movie:Break Ke Baad 2010
Starcast: Deepika Padukone, Imraan Khan, Imran Khan

Synopsis/Plot:Abhay Gulati and Aaliya Khan have been friends since childhood. Aaliya has always loved acting, since her mother is an actor. Her father left her and her mother. Abhay likes cooking but his father wants him to take care of his business. Eventually Abhay and Aaliya start dating but Aaliya does not want to marry. An opportunity comes for Aaliya to go to Australia for acting school which she takes. She goes to Australia where she has to live with her strict aunt. She then moves into a bungalow where a bunch of young people live for cheap. Abhay gets paranoid and comes to Australia, annoying Aaliya because she feels he doesn't trust her and they break up. Abhay opens a restaurant and it becomes a big hit. Aaliya and Abhay slowly become friends. Aaliya finishes acting school and Abhay's father finds out about his restaurant. Abhay and her mother come for Aaliya's graduation. Aaliya gets an opportunity to work in a movie and signs the contract without telling her mother, thereby enraging her. Soon Abhay leaves Aaliya too, because she is selfish. Realizing she loves him, she quits the movie and rushes to the airport, as she hears from her friend that Abhay is going to be married. Puzzled as to why he didn't tell her first about the news, Aaliya rushes to Abhay's house and finds him getting ready to get married. Aaliya begs him to re-think his decision, proposing to him with with the very ring he was considering for her once upon a time. She confesses her love to him and tells him that she is really in love with him. She picks up his wedding invitation which has her name. She is happy and they embrace, making up. The end credits show that the two have married, and have a baby girl named Sara.
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