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Movie: Om Shanti Om

Star Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal

Synopsis: Om Prakash Makhija (Shahrukh Khan) is a junior artiste in the 1970s Bollywood film industry. He and his friend Pappu (Shreyas Talpade) are trying to succeed as leading actors. Om's mother, Bela Makhija (Kirron Kher), herself a junior artiste, inspires and encourages her son to succeed. He is in love with film actress Shanti Priya (Deepika Padukone). One evening, Om views the premiere of Shanti's film Dreamy Girl, claiming he is actor Manoj Kumar. Later that night, Om becomes drunk and describes his vision of himself as a famous, wealthy film star to Pappu and some local children. During his speech, references are made to the Law of Attraction, creating an axiom that recurs throughout the story. While shooting of a film wherein Om is acting as a scene-extra, he notices Shanti trapped in the middle of a fire scene where the fire has escaped control. He saves her and they become friends. The following day, He overhears her argument with the film's producer Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal). It is revealed here that Shanti is secretly married to Mukesh and expecting his child. One night, Om notices Mukesh escorting Shanti to the set of their soon-to-be-made film Om Shanti Om. Inside, Mukesh tells Shanti that he will cancel the film, reveal their marriage to the public, and have a grand wedding on the spectacular set. But then he contradicts himself by blaming her for his loss of the film and its revenue. He ignites a fire and leaves her imprisoned inside it. Om attempts to rescue her, but is prevented by an explosion, and she gets killed. Om is hit by a car owned by Rajesh Kapoor (Javed Sheikh), a well-known actor who is taking his wife (Asawari Joshi) to the hospital as she is in labour. Rajesh takes Om to the hospital with them. But Om dies of his injuries. Moments later, a son is born to Lovely and Rajesh, who is named Om and implied to be Om Prakash's reincarnation. The film then cuts to the younger Om's adulthood, where he is a popular movie star and lives an extravagant, luxurious life. He experiences pyrophobia and it is shown through some scenes that he subconsciously inherits Om Prakash's memories. When making a speech of acceptance for an award, O.K. unexpectedly recalls the drunken speech that Om Prakash had made to Pappu, and delivers the same to the assembly who have awarded him. Pappu, seeing this broadcast on television, is convinced to share Bela's belief that O.K. and Om Prakash are the same man. At a celebration of his award, O.K. is introduced by his father to Mukesh Mehra, who has been producing films in Hollywood for the last twenty five years. Upon seeing him, O.K. becomes aware of all of Om Prakash's memories. He later reunites with Bela and Pappu and conspires with them to avenge Shanti's death by terrifying Mukesh into confessing his role therein. As a disguise and framework for this plan, O.K. convinces Mukesh to recreate Om Shanti Om, altering the plot to fit their designs. It is then shown that the central part of their scheme consists of convincing Mukesh that Shanti's ghost is haunting him, thereby frightening him into revealing his role in Shanti's death. To achieve this, they hold auditions for an actress who resembles Shanti to the extent that seeing her unexpectedly appear and seem to vanish will startle Mukesh. They choose Sandy (also played by Padukone) who looks identical to Shanti. Thereafter the filming begins. Throughout the film shooting, O.K. and his friends arrange incidents, to remind Mukesh of his crime. During the music launch of the film, O.K. taunts Mukesh by revealing the extent to which he knows the story of Shanti's death. However, Mukesh pursues Sandy and sees that she is capable of bleeding, convincing him that she is not a ghost. After the celebration, O.K. and Mukesh confront each other with their knowledge of each other's actions. They are interrupted when a figure whom they think to be Sandy appears on the nearby stairwell. Mukesh himself is killed when an identical chandelier, falls onto him, having come loose during the celebration. Moments later, Pappu and Sandy join O.K., whereupon O.K. realises that the figure who challenged Mukesh is the real Shanti Priya's ghost, which explained some of the supernatural incidents that took place which O.K. and his friends had not set up. In the end, Shanti's ghost says she was buried alive by Mukesh. Shanti tells O.K. that she was always meant to kill Mukesh. As the scene comes to an end, Shanti looks at O.K. as if she was thanking him or saying, "We did it!" O.K. was half-crying and half-smiling as he looked at the love of his life, or rather, past life. 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