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Movie: Ishq 1997
Starcast:Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Juhi Chawla

Synopsis/Plot:Ranjit Rai (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) and his close friend Harbanslal (Dalip Tahil), are two wealthy men who want their children, Ajay (Ajay Devgn) and Madhu (Juhi Chawla) to marry each other. Unfortunately for them they are in love with less wealthy Kajal (played by Kajol) and Raja (Aamir Khan).

Each parent deceivingly get their children to sign a marriage certificate which declares them married to each other. Both the lovers refuse to back down, and their parents try everything to separate them. They eventually accept their choices and they prepare for the engagement. Unfortunately at the party, pictures are shown of Raja and Kajal acting very intimate with each other, because Raja saved her from a gang. It turns out that the whole thing was an act set up by Ajay and Madhu's parents. Raja and Kajal are willing to prove their innocence but Ranjit Rai and Harbanslal are determined to keep them away. Raja asks Kajal's uncle to tell Ajay and Madhu what happened but will not tell and Ajay and Madhu throws Raj and Kajal out. Kajal was in severe depression and Ajay and Madhu thought she was pregnant with Raja's child because they saw them out of maternity hospital and when they told her congrats and told them about their wedding Kajal tried to kill her self, but Raja stopped her. Raja went to punish them both but the police came with along with Ajay and Madhu's parents. Raja is being beaten and Kajal goes to stop them and asks Madhu and Ajay's parents to stop and indeed they do, but with a price that when they let him go they can never come back to India ever again. Kajal says yes and Raja is out. Of course when hearing this, he refuses but Kajal changes his mind. Ajay and Madhu's marriage is starring when Ajay's mama shuts the lights and shows pictures, which tells everybody what Ajay and Madhu's fathers really did and how Kajal was attacked and Raja had come to save her and when they brought in the uncle they told how he was paid and lied for the money. He also tells him how he ruined his friendship with Raja, and how he tried to tell what happened but he wouldn't listen. Ajay gets angry and tries to kill his father but remembers his promise to Raja and stops. He then tries to kill himself but Madhu and Madaa stop him. Madaa tells them how both of their fathers made them lose the love of their life. They decide to go apologize but Madaa tells them their leaving forever and must hurry to get there. They try to hurry when Raja and Kajal are boarding the ship. Ajay gets stopped by the crewmen. Eventually they let him go through and they finally get there in time. They see that Ajay is bloodied and they see him asking for forgiveness and Kajal comes running and hugs him. Raja also forgives him and Madhu also asks for forgiveness. They also forgive and the lovers are reunited. Ajay and Madhu's fathers stop the ship from leaving in order to ask forgiveness from their children. The children forgive their fathers when they realized that this time they truly have realized their mistake. At the end of the movie, the children get married to their lovers as they have planned from the beginning.
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