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Movie: The Dirty Picture (2011)
Cast: Vidya Balan, Tushar Kapoor, Emraan Hashmi, Nasruddin Shah

Synopsis: The film opens with Reshma (Vidya Balan) running away from her house to Chennai, a day before her marriage. She tries her best to get a role in a film but is eventually insulted by the casting director for being unattractive and useless. The determined Reshma, however, goes to the film shoot to convince him again and spontaneously grabs the role of a side dancer. She instantly steps into the sequence, and dances with whips to erotic movements and expressions. Annoyed by this is the film's director, Abraham (Emraan Hashmi), who believes that his creative art of film-making should dominate the screen and not the display of erotic and sensual content. He edits out Reshma's entire dance sequence from the film. The film fails at the box office much to the dismay of the producer Selva Ganesh (Rajesh Sharma). The film is relaunched when the producer finds out about this, with the edited footage. He later meets Reshma to offer her a song in his upcoming film, and suggests that she should now be referred to as "Silk". At the first shoot, "Silk" is spellbound and nervous to dance with Suryakanth (Naseeruddin Shah), her childhood idol, resulting in the shoot being unsuccessful and the arrogant Suryakanth disappointed. But Silk succeeds in seducing and convincing Suryakanth by offering a long-term sexual relationship with him. Meanwhile, Abraham proposes a new film to Selva Ganesh and is very keen to cast Suryakanth. Suryakanth suggests Abraham add spice and sex (hinting towards Silk) to make the film more commercially viable. This angers Abraham and he grows to have contempt for Silk. Silk, however, is determined and confident that films are all about entertainment, and she gives them just that. She goes on to do many more erotic and sensual films with Suryakanth, playing bold characters, wearing sexy and revealing clothes, and dancing seductively with lead actors. She gains many male fans who drool over her, and within a short span of time, becomes immensely rich and popular as the Southern sex star. Suryakanth's younger brother and unnoticed writer Ramakanth (Tusshar Kapoor) reveals he's an admirer of Silk and tries to befriend her. Silk is happy that someone finally likes her for who she is and not just for her body. They both go to Silk's original house where her mother disconnects with Silk forever. At an award ceremony, Silk is rewarded for her performance but is also insulted by Suryakanth who tells her that she is nothing but everyone's 'dirty secret'. Silk announces that she will continue to make her "dirty pictures", and that she has no qualms about it. Silk spends more time with her new-found admirer Ramakanth, who is now in love with her. She encourages him to gain visibility as a writer, and overcome his elder brother's dominating presence on the film scene. Sensing their affair as sensational news, noted journalist Naila (Anju Mahendru) degrades Silk for dating both brothers. Suryakanth finally drops Silk from his forthcoming films, thus forcing her to work with other small time film makers. Unhappy and bored by the mediocrity around her, she loses interest in her work, leading to hurls and abuses with other directors. Later at the launch party of Ramakanth's new film, Silk meets a younger aspirant, Shakeela. Feeling threatened by her competition in the industry, she insults and challenges her to a dance. At the end of the dance, Silk trips Shakeela intentionally showing her that she cannot be beaten, much to the embarrassment of Ramakanth, and he breaks off with her. Silk's life starts falling apart. Feminists and critics degrade her. She turns to alcohol and chain smoking, and puts on weight. Directors lose interest in casting her. She approaches Selva Ganesh to produce a film which turns out to be a disaster, and subsequently, loses all her wealth and fame. Simultaneously, Abraham also releases a film on the same lines starring himself in a lead role and gains success. Between his victory, Silk's failure, and their conversations with each other, Abraham realises that he is falling for Silk, much as he is in denial of this. Unable to stop thinking about her, he heads off to Silk's house in the night where they talk about Silk's life over drinks. By then, Silk has already accumulated debt, and is forced to approach a small-time film maker, whom she first met at Ramakanth's party. Upon reaching there, she is shocked to find that he wants her to do a porn film, and before she can fully panic or protest, he intoxicates her with a drink and starts filming. The place, however, is soon raided by the police and everyone including Silk manage to escape in time. She stumbles home in a half-unconscious state, doomed at the image of what her life has turned into. Meanwhile, Abraham manages to trace Silk's mother and wants to surprise Silk the next morning. But that night when he calls Silk from his success party, she tells him to bid goodbye to everyone on her behalf as she is going off to sleep. Abraham, realising what Silk is up to, rushes to her house to find her lying in bed, dressed in a red silk sari, with traditional Indian make-up and dead. Unable to bear the depression and failure, Silk has killed herself by consuming sleeping pills. At the end, Abraham and her mother perform the funeral rites. The entire story is told in background narration by Abraham, who was the only one who could understand Silk's pain, desire, ambition, struggle, and the darkness that lay behind her rise and fall to stardom.

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