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Movie: Gaddar 1995
Star Cast: Sunil Shetty, Vinod Khann, Yogeeta Bali, Sonali Bendre, Kiran Kumar

Synopsis/Plot: Vijay (Harish) and Sunny (Sunil Shetty) are two friends, who are very close to each other. They study together in college and even fall in love with the same girl, Priya (Sonali Bendre). Sunny is rich and influential, and likes to control and dominate. Vijay comes from a poor family. Sunny wants to control the college scene using Vijay as a puppet, which does not work to Sunny's satisfaction. As a result, Sunny's dad (Mohan Joshi), who owns part of the college, steps in, to assert his and Sunny's position, as well as put pressure on the college authorities, and as well on the other hand, attempts to teach Vijay a lesson for betraying Sunny. But Sunny wants revenge in his own way, and he does so diabolically, by being even more friendly and close to his Vijay and his family. Will Sunny succeed?
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