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Movie: Yeh Dil 2003
Star Cast: Natassha , Sharat Saxena , Tusshar Kapoor

Synopsis/Plot: Ravi (Tusshar Kapoor) is a college student and the son of a wealthy businessman. He lives with his father, as his mother died. Vasu (Anita Hassanandani), is the daughter of a middle class wrestler studying in the same college. She lives in a joint family with many of her relatives. Ravi excels in sports, but is terrible in academics. Vasu doesn't pay attention to sports and focuses on academics.

Ravi is neglected by his father who focuses on business and wealth. His father expects him to excel in academics, so he can send him to Harvard Business School. Similarly, Vasu, whose father wanted a boy, neglects her and her mother.

Ravi and Vasu start studying together and gradually become friends, but his father disapproves of her due to her social status. Vasu's father Mithu Pahlvan (Vineet Kumar) sends some goons to the college who beat up Ravi. Ravi's father orders the police to retaliate, and Mithu Pahlvan is taken to the police station and beaten up by the police. Vasu tells Ravi, after which he calls his father and threatens him.

Ravi's father arranges a "swaymvar" for his son, to which all the business tycoons and rich people send their daughters. Ravi invites Vasu and publicly proclaims his love for her. Mithu Pahlvan discovers she went to Ravi's house and confronts Ravi's father, after which the police commissioner tells them they should trick Ravi and Vasu into keeping their love on hold until the completion of their studies.

After this agreement, Ravi is tricked into going to Mumbai and Vasu is tricked into going to her uncle's house. Both escape, Ravi going to Hyderabad, and Vasu going to Mumbai. Ravi thinks Vasu is in Hyderabad and goes to her house, only to be beaten up by goons. Vasu goes to Mumbai, and is captured and taken to Ravi's house where his father arranges for a killer to kill Vasu. Both are saved and return to Hyderabad to get married with the help of their college. Vasu's father eventually accepts the marriage and stops her aunt from interfering. Ravi's father is also stopped from interfering.
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