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Movie: Suryavanshi 1992
Star Cast: Salman Khan, Amrita Singh, Sheeba

Synopsis/Plot: DD (Ajit Vachani), a senior officer in the Archaeological Survey of India, and JB (Saeed Jaffrey), a businessman now living in the USA, have been inseparable friends since childhood. When JB returns to India after a long stay in the USA, he asks after DD's daughter Sonia (Sheeba) as a potential life partner for his son Vicky (Salman Khan). But when Vicky arrives in India, he informs Sonia that he is not interested in marriage. Sonia understands and accepts this, but suggests they marry anyway (in accordance to their parents' wishes, as respectful children do) and that she will not stand in the way of his adventures. Vicky agrees and they get engaged.

Around this time DD receives word that the lead archaeologist, Kishore, on his current project (an excavation in a small hamlet called Sangramgadh) has mysteriously disappeared. He asks his project officer Mahesh (Puneet Issar) to investigate. Mahesh reviews Kishore's notes and learns of a local baba (wise old man in the village) who seems to know a bit about the situation. They arrange to bring baba to the city.

baba narrates the history of Sangramgadh. Once a happy realm, it has now fallen upon hard times accompanied by sinister events. Although the village lands support agriculture, the harvested grain inexplicably self-incinerates overnight. Those who leave Sangramgadh assuredly meet financial or personal ruin outside, and those who stay are plagued by the suffering of a bleak and hopeless existence. The baba reveals this is all a result of a curse placed upon the village by the wandering atma (soul) of an ancient princess Suryalekha (Amrita Singh). The baba once visited the ruins of the old palace and summoned the atma, whereupon it appeared and commanded him: if the village must be freed from her thrall, they must bring her her Suryavanshi (a prince born of the Sun dynasty). Shortly after this narration, the baba is found murdered in his quarters.

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