Watch Kasam Vardi Ki (2008) - Hindi Dubbed Movie


Movie: Kasam Vardi Ki 2008 ( Hindi Dubbed )
Star Cast: Sai Kumar, Devyani, Rami Reddy, Satya

Synopsis/Plot: Kasam vardee ki movie is an Action based movie. In which, Shivaram
(Saikumar) comes to the city as a whiter-than-dove and honest-than-honesty
policeman to the city. And surprise, surprise, he immediately runs into a bunch of
baddies.Sivaram, while taking on the thugs, kills the son of arch villain. So Sivaram's trouble
starts. The villain (Rami Reddy) unleashes his dirty tricks against Sivaram and his
wife Devayani. Sivaram, apart from having to contend with the hooligans, has to
also fight the weeds in his own department including his venal superiors.

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