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Movie: Himmatwala 1983
Star Cast: Jeetendra, Sridevi, Shakti Kapoor, Kadar Khan

Synopsis/Plot: Dharam Murti is a much respected school master in Shaktinagar in India, where he lives with his young son, Ravi, daughter, Padma, and wife, Savitri. One day he witnesses a man being being killed at the hands of Sher Singh Bandookwala, the Zamindar. He reports this matter to the police and Sher is arrested and prosecuted. Sher uses all his financial might to convince the courts of his innocence, and is set free. Then a few days later, Dharam is found in a compromising position with a new lady school-teacher, Menaka, is summoned by the local Panchayat, and asked to leave Shaktinagar for 30 days. Dharam leaves and does not return, leaving his wife and children alone and destitute. Savitri toils hard to provide education for Ravi, and for this she scarifies everything she has owned, and sends Ravi to her brother's place. Years later, Ravi is now an Engineer and returns home to Shaktinagar.
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