Watch Betaaj Badshah (1994) Movie


Movie: Betaaj Badshah 1994
Star Cast: Raj Kumar, Shatrugan Sinha, Mamta Kulkarni, Jay Mehta

Synopsis/Plot: 'Betaaj Badshah' is an action packed family drama taking us through the powerful politics of a local village godfather Raja Prithviraj (Raj Kumar) and his tryst to fight against the evil forces who try to pull him down. Raja Prithviraj enjoys the status of a parallel government and nobody dares to go against him. However, few years back his enmity with Parshuram (Shatrugun Sinha) leads to an interesting twist in the story wherein he adopts a daughter and thus begins a new life. Years later, Raja's daughter Tejeshwani (Mamta Kulkarni) now grows up to attend college and very proudly struts along with her pet cheetah. There she meets a handsome lad named Arjun (Jay Mehta) and falls in love with him against the wishes of Raja Prithviraj. How is the young couple going to convince the hot-headed father and win his blessings is what we'll have to wait and watch.
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