Watch Aaram (1951) Movie


Movie: Aaram 1951
Star Cast: Dev Anand, Madhubala, Prem Nath

Synopsis/Plot: Young and attractive Leela has three options for marriage. The first one is Shyam, an artistic painter with whom Leela falls in love at first sight. Unknown to her, Shyam is a cheat. Unaware of this fact, Leela meets Sita, a queen, who takes her to a palatial house. Here she meets Sita's son Kumar who falls in love with her. Leela tells him that she loves Shyam. Kumar and his mother pretend to be friendly with Shyam and help him put up his paintings in his very own art gallery. They do all this to win over Leela. Now Leela is unsure about her love for the two prospective suitors. Before Leela could make up her mind she is abducted by a hoodlum named Bhagwant who decides to convince Leela for marriage at any cost. In whose destiny is this charming lady? Who deserves her eternal love?
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