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Movie: Darna Zaroori Hai 2006
Star Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Arjun Rampal, Anil Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat, Sunil Shetty, Sonali Kulkarni, Ritesh Deshmukh,
Bipasha Basu, Rajpal Yadav, Randeep Hooda


Darna Zaroori Hai interweaves six stories into one film. Four children get lost in the middle of a forest until they find a haunted house. Inside, there is an old woman who agrees to tell them six scary stories, and they will all compete on who is able to sit through all six stories without getting scared.

Story 1 - Uncredited
The first story is about a young film-buff, living with his mother, who decides to watch the last showing of Darna Mana Hai at the cinema. His mother warns him not to take the graveyard shortcut because it's Friday the 13th, a moonless night, and witches might appear. He says he won't, but takes the shortcut anyway. He watches the film, buys popcorn and gets some change back, and then decides to return home. On the way, he uses the same shortcut, and starts to hear footsteps. He gets scared and starts to run, when he sees a witch and falls to the ground in fear. Shortly after, he realizes that the footsteps were actually the change jingling in his pocket as he walked, and the witch was actually a poster of an upcoming sequel to the film he watched: Darna Zaroori Hai.

Official Story 1 - Imaginary Ghost
After a classic item song, five children are shown getting lost in the woods. They come upon a dark house and decide to enter when it starts to rain. They find an old lady who decides to tell them ghost stories for the time being. The first story features a professor (Amitabh Bachchan), who is giving tuition to one of his students (Riteish Deshmukh) at home. Every minute, the professor points out something (or someone) in his house. Once in the kitchen, once in the dining room and once on the sofa. The confused student decides to leave when the professor warns him not to leave the house, or the ghost will go after him as well. Curious, the student asks the professor about the ghost and the professor tells him that the ghost is an exact lookalike of himself, except he has a hollow face with a hat. The frightened student tries to run but the professor takes him in front of the mirror and points at his reflection. The professor's reflection in the mirror looks exactly like the ghost he talked about. After the story, one child goes down to loom, only to come back as the ghost without revealing his real identity. The child sits down with the rest of the kids with a bowed head.

Story 2 - Spirits Do Come
The second story is about a photographer, Kunal (Arjun Rampal), who confronts a strange house when his car breaks down. There, Varsha (Bipasha Basu) invites him in and claims she has been lonely for the past few years since her husband died. When her husband Rahul (Makrand Deshpande) appears, they reveal that they were playing a prank on him. The two explain to Kunal that Rahul has been trying to call spirits and bring them down to earth. When Kunal interrupts by saying he's in hurry, Rahul calls a mechanic. After a few moments, the three hear a scream from outside. Varsha and Rahul decide to go outside and check it out while Kunal decides to stay inside the house. When they come out, they see Kunal lying dead on the bonnet of his broken-down car. The scream was from the mechanic, who was horrified at seeing Kunal's dead body. Just then, Kunal walks out and declares in a chilly voice that spirits do come, whenever you call them. After this story, another child goes down for water but he too returns as the ghost.

Story 3 - Accidents are Never Predicted
The third story revolves around a couple, Vishwas (Sunil Shetty), and his wife (Sonali Kulkarni) who both live with their son. One fine day, the three are visited by an insurance agent (Rajpal Yadav) who keeps warning them about the risk of life and that accidents are never predicted. They kick him out of the house and their doorbell suddenly rings. They open the door only to find that there is no one there. They go back into the house but the bell rings yet again. It is the agent again, who claims it is raining outside and he has left his umbrella inside. He takes out many things such as a knife, rope and gun, which all represent different ways to die in life. Vishwas gets tired of him and asks him to leave. Instead, the agent takes out the gun and shoots himself. Before he dies, as if confirming his statement, he says, "See sir, accidents are never predicted!" After the story, another child leaves the room and comes back with same fate as the two previous ones.

Story 4 - Ghostly Audition
A film director, Karan Chopra (Anil Kapoor), decides to make a horror film. On the way to the sets, he gives a lift to a fine young woman, Riya (Mallika Sherawat), who pretends to be a ghost. Karan thinks she is just playing a prank and Riya later also claims that she was just joking. When stormy weather hits, Karan takes Riya to his mansion. The electricity and lights go out and Riya's face starts to gore with blood. Karan still thinks she's playing a prank, but when her voice turns ghostly, he falls to the floor and dies in shock. Riya takes off her mask, which was stained with fake blood, and a microphone that changed her voice to make it sound ghostly. It is revealed that she really was only playing a joke on him. She says that she was trying to audition for his new horror film, but it's too late now anyway since Karan has already died on his own bedroom floor.

Story 5 A Bride's Revenge
The fifth story centers on Ajay (Randeep Hooda), a young man driving on the road. He finds a young woman standing on the highway. When he approaches her, he becomes frozen after seeing her face. Shortly after, he murders a man. A police officer, (Zakir Hussain), brings the mother of the murdered victim to the police station for justice. But the mother is shocked to find that Ajay is possessed by the spirit of a woman, who turns out to be her daughter-in-law's spirit. It's revealed that the mother-in-law, her husband, and son had burned the newly-wedded bride to death and her spirit has come back for revenge. The spirit enters the police officer's body and shoots her mother-in-law. When the spirit leaves the officer's body, he realizes what has happened and secretly buries the body. Ajay is released and is driving back to the city when he sees the spirit in the backseat. She says that her father-in-law is away in the city on a business trip and she must complete her revenge. She assures him that she will not harm him--all he has to do is drop her off there.

Story 6 - The Ending
After the stories are over, one boy claims that he is still not scared. The old lady smirks as the lights of the house suddenly turn off. The stunned boy looks around him. The lights turn back on immediately and he sees that he is the only one in the room: as if no one was ever there. The lights go off and turn back on again, this time to reveal his friends, all of whom are now dead, giving him eerie smiles. The old woman appears back on her chair, giving him a witch's smile. Realizing what is going on, the boy tries to make a frantic escape out of the house. But the doors are all jammed and locked. Just as the boy looks back at the upstairs room to see if he was followed out, he sees the old lady right beside him, smirking. The old lady's hair is snow-white and scattered; her killer smile gives the boy a heart attack and he dies at the scene. The next morning, the house is swarming with police and the media. The police clear away the bodies of the dead children. The old servant of the house tells the police officers that a long time ago, the house belonged to an old lady who loved children but unfortunately, she had no children of her own. He explains that once, he had left her for hours to get her some medication (just as the old lady had told the children), and when he returned, he found her dead. The film ends with a reporter reading the tragic story of a camping trip-turned-nightmare for the six children. He says that the exact cause of death of the children is still unknown and will most likely never be known, however, one thing is for certain- all the children died of cardiac failure or in simple words fear.
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