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Movie: Players 2012
Star Cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Sonam Kapoor, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu, Omi Vaidya, Sikandar Kher

Synopsis/Plot: Mastermind Charlie Mascarenhas (Abhishek Bachchan) is one of the greatest thieves all over Mumbai. In Goa, a friend of Charlie, Raj (Aftab Shivdasani) is killed by the Russian mafia. On his death, Raj's wife hands over a CD to Charlie, which Raj had left for the latter. The CD contains the secret of hidden Romanian gold worth 100 crores, that was given to Russia during the First World War to protect it from the Germans. The CD contains details of how the gold will be transferred back to Romania. After Charlie and Riya watch the CD, and also come to know of the hidden treasure secret, they decide to go undercover and rob the train in which the gold is being transported. With the help of imprisoned don Victor Braganza (Vinod Khanna) called as Victor Dada, they hire a team of people to join them in the robbery. The group includes Spider (Neil Nitin Mukesh)who is a best hacker in the whole world, a bomb expert Bilal (Sikander Kher), a master-disguiser Sunny (Omi Vaidya), and an illusionist Ronnie (Bobby Deol).

Charlie is also having an affair with Victor's daughter, Naina (Sonam Kapoor), who doesn't know anything about her father and Charlie's dirty business. However, Victor is trying to change to make her happy, after this one last job. The group hatch a plan to rob the Russian train in the sliest way possible. The robbery is executed successfully. However, whilst celebrating their success, it is revealed that Spider has double-crossed the players, and tries to flee with the whole gold, though is stopped by Ronnie, who is then shot multiple times by Spider's assassins. Ronnie then gives his phone to Charlie, and explains if his daughter calls, he shouldn't tell her anything about the incident. The group are then chased by Spider and his men, only leading to Ronnie and Riya's death. Charlie, Bilal and Sunny manage to escape when Spider bombs the place and flees with the whole gold.

Charlie then calls Victor to tell him about the attack and betrayal, but Naina picks up the phone and hears everything. She now realizes that the her father was involved in heist-business. As Victor tries to calm her down, Spider's assassin breaks into the house and murders Victor. Naina can't take the loss, and decides to end contact with Charlie. For a year, Charlie contacts Gold-dealers to find which one has the same gold as Spider stole, but can't seem to find one. He then goes to meet Naina, who is angry with him, though he explains to her, that they only wanted to steal the gold so they could help achieve Victor's dream to make an big orphanage so no one would have to be a criminal like them. Naina understands, and teams up with Charlie to get revenge on Spider. They go and meet the remaining team, Bilal and Sunny who agree to find the traitor, retrieve the booty and settle scores. In New Zealand, they find a dealer who is in contact with Spider, and are able to track him down. They find out his whereabouts, and set out to get him. The four reach his home, only to find he lives in a mansion and has used the whole gold for himself.

One day, the four go shopping, only to witness Riya living there. They follow her and then visit her home. She explains that she also wants revenge on Spider, and that is why she came there. She provides them with the information of Spider's living place. They also involve her in the plan, and begin to make moves. Spider then flirts with Naina (unknowing her plan) and takes her to his villa. But soon enough, he gets her on gunpoint finding out she was with Charlie as he sees a camera inside her hair. Charlie runs in to rescue her, but is surrounded by his assassins and guards. Spider gives him one last chance, and says that he has only 48 hours to steal his gold, otherwise Spider could do whatever he wanted with him. Charlie accepts, and they make a plan. They successfully take the gold and flee, but when they are about to leave the country, they are caught by Spider, and it turns out that Riya is actually Spider's girlfriend, and that she was helping him all along to cheat the rest of the group.

Spider tries to force them for the gold, but when they open their Mini Coopers' trunks, it turns out they are empty. Spider goes furious and betrays Riya and points a gun at her, threatening them that he would kill her. Before Charlie gives away the real hideout of the gold, heartbroken Riya pulls the trigger herself and dies. Charlie feels really sorry for her, and the two tell each other that they still love each other, and Riya dies. Spider then stabs Charlie, and tries to run, but is soon stopped by Sunny and Bilal who beat him up badly. Charlie recovers and also beats him, but they then bring Naina who wants revenge for the death of Victor, and she shoots Spider twice. The four leave the scene, but Spider gets back again, and rings the Russian mafia, and tells them that Charlie has stolen their gold, and where they are heading. He then dies, and it is revealed that the gold was hidden in an old Motor Garage. They get the gold, and leave for India, but the Mafia surrounds the four thieves and they check the cars again, and the backs are still empty. Sunny asks what is going on, only to be revealed that the Mini Coopers they were driving were actually made out of the gold itself and Charlie asked Bhud to make a gold car to safe the Gold by spider.

In the end, Bilal opens a car business. Sunny becomes a theatre-actor. Charlie and Naina then open the orphanage Victor Braganza always wanted as his dream. Charlie raises Ronnie's daughter as his own daughter.
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