Namak Haraam Hindi Movie

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Super Hit movie Namak Haraam (1973)
Star Cast: amitabh bachchan, rajesh khanna, rekha, asrani, raza, murad, ak, hangal
Synopsis: A flashback, this engrossing drama champions grass-roots socialism, disguised as a male-bonding tale of two friends -- one of whom finds work in a factory owned by the other. The storyline leads into misunderstandings between the two friends caused by their boss-employee relationship. Rare Khanna/Bachchan joint appearance added interest to the film. The confrontation between the friends coupled with a powerful performance from Bachchan is the highlight of this movie.This is the movie, in which Amitabh is said to have taken over the superstar mantle from Rajesh Khanna. This movie signalled the end of the Khanna era and the beginning of the long Bachchan era. The movie personified the angry young man image of Bachchan.