Palay Khan Bollywood Action Film

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Watch Palay Khan (1986) Hindi Movie Online Free Jackie Shroff, Poonam Dhillon, Palay Khan Full Movie Online, Full Length Palay Khan Hindi Movie Free. The British are in power in India. But Mandokhel is one region that they are yet to capture. Thanks to the rebels led by Palay Khan (Jackie Shroff) protecting them. All the attempts by the British to capture him have gone in vain. The British force led by Col Gulbaaz Khan manages to capture Palay Khan's best friend Amar Singh. To free him Palay Khan decides to kidnap Ellen, the daughter of the British General Bonz. But on his mother's insistence he frees her and eventually the fall in love. Palay will have to deal with strong opposition from the British. Before that he has to handle his fellow men who think the he is betraying them. Gulbaaz Khan takes advantage of the situation and lays a trap to capture Palay Khan. Will Palay Khan survive the trap to fight against the British and be with his beloved?