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Synopsis-"Phool Aur Kaante' is the Hindi dubbed version of 'Maska' thepopular Telugu film. The movie showcases the tussle between politicalrivals, Simhachalam (Mukhesh Rishi) and Shinde (Pradeep Rawat) over aministerial berth. The fact that Simhachalam has a daughter Meenakshi(Hansika) with a second wife (Sita) might work against him. Meanwhile,an idler, Krishnakanth aka Krish (Ram) plans to marry a girl working inthe software industry so that he can fulfill his dream of going to the USA.He begins to lure Manju (Sheela), who is Simhachalam's legitimatedaughter. But, then, Meenakshi enters his life. Who does Krish really loveand get married to? And who becomes the minister? Watch this grippingtale.