Pyaasa Jism Hot Adult Hindi Movie

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Watch Pyaasa (2003) Jism Hot Adult Hindi Movie Online, B Grade Pyasa Jism Online Free. Ajay and Reema are soul mates. Ajay wants to shower on Reema all the best amenities of life that he has been deprived of since childhood for that he sells his body to Monika. It is a marriage of convenience for both of them. Monika becomes pregnant and he takes her to the hospital for an abortion. At the hospital corridor he is accosted by his college friend vishal who is suffering from terminal cancer. Monica catches Ajay and Reema red handed in a hotel room. Ajay is in a fix and in a state of desperation he switches channel on the television set and suddenly he sees the face of criminal who has been sentenced to death for committing five murders and is waiting to die on the hangman's noose who looks just like his dying friend vishal. He meets his dying friends vishal and promises to financially support his small child and wife provided he agrees to change place with is looks alike criminal languishing in jail.And there after follows a roaring climax that leads behind a trial of blood and dead bodies that look so similar in death, yet so different in life.