Sharafat Old Classic Hindi Movie

Watch Bollywood Sharafat (1970) Old Classic Hindi Movie Online Free Starring Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Ashok Kumar, Sharafat Full Length Hindi Movie Online

Synopsis/Plot: With the passing away of Rajesh's parents, Jagatram undertakes to look after him. He hopes that some day Rajesh will marry his daughter Rekha. He arranges Rajesh's employment with a local hostel, which Rajesh accepts. After being employed, Rajesh finds that his male students are distracted and unable to concentrate on their studies. He decides to investigate further, and finds out that they visit a prostitute named Chandni regularly. He puts a stop to this. And then Jagatram finds out that Rajesh has been frequenting Chandni's place almost every night, under the unbelievable pretext of teaching her to read and write. Source: Dharamjii