Tahkhana Horror Hindi Movie

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Thakur Surjeet Singh hands over his entire estate to his son, Raghuvir, disowning the other, Dhurjan, the family's black sheep. Dhurjan swears to use his black magic to usurp the estate, and abducts Raghuvir's daughters, Sapna and Aarti. Raghuvir is killed while trying to save his daughters and asks his friend Mangal to rescue his daughters. Soon Dhurjan is apprehended and is imprisoned in a dungeon. While Arti is rescued, the fate of Sapna remains unknown. Before dying, Raghuvir informs Mangal that Sapna has one of two pieces of a locket around her neck, while the other is on Aarti's, and when joined together will reveal the location of a treasure buried in a dungeon. Twenty years later, Aarti and her boyfriend, Vijay, along with several others, attempt to unearth this treasure. But soon they get entangled in a bloody massacre when they face betrayal from one of their own and release a vicious monster that will hunt and kill them one by one. Can the treasure seekers survive the horror they have unleashed? Can the resurrected monster be stopped before its too late?