Current (2009) Telugu Movie

Movie: Current (2009)
Star: Sneha, Charanraj, Sushanth, Geetha
Synopsis: A complicated tale, the story begins on the backdrop of college where Sneha (sneha), daughter of a judge (charanraj) is studying. Her life takes a turn with the arrival of Sushanth (sushanth) who falls in love with her at first sight. He starts following her and finally Sneha also develops feelings for him. However, Sushanth is a very carefree guy who does not believe in planning and has a very lazy approach towards life. He shows the same attitude in front of Sneha's father when he meets him. As expected, Sneha's father gives his piece of mind and Sushanth walks away getting offended, he does not listen to Sneha either. Therefore, she tells Sushanth that since he was responsible for raising feelings in her, now he must ensure that she gets rid of that feeling called love. What does Sushanth do now? does he really love her? what happens to the love story between Bose (vennela kishore) and Geetha (geetha)? All this forms the rest of the story.
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