Gowri (2004) Telugu Movie

Movie: Gowri (2004)
Star: Sumanth, Charmi, Vizag Prasad
Synopsis:Gowri (Sumanth) is a mechanic at Dhoolpet area. Swetha (Charmi) is a college going student who is the daughter of a media baron Chandra Sekhar (Vizag Prasad). Gowri and Swetha fall in love and it irks Chandra Sekhar. He seeks the help of the leading mafia leader Sarkar (Atul Kulakarni) to separate Gowri and Swetha. The rest of the story is all about how Gowri wins back Swetha with the consent of everybody.
Story of the film is a routine one, but with a difference towards the characterization of hero. The film is about how hero wins over the bad guys and put some sense into their heads with his magnanimous thinking and good deeds. The film ends with typical DDLJ kind of climax.
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