Yeh Gulistan Hamara Hindi Classic Film - Dev Anand, Sharmila Tagore

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Vijay (Dev Anand), a young and dynamic civil engineer, is assigned with the tasks of bridging the gap between Indian and Chinese villages by constructing a bridge between the two villages. This bridge was going to help them socially as well as economically, but the villagers on both sides of the border didn't want the bridge to be constructed. Vijay managed to convince the villagers on the Indian side to help in constructing the bridge. But the Chinese villager's objected to the bridge under the command of their crooked ruler, Deng Do Rani (Pran), who didn't want to have good relations with India. The construction of the bridge started with the help of villagers on the Indian side but to destroy progress, Deng Do Rani sends his goons to disrupt their work and threaten Vijay. But on the contrary Vijay falls in love with one of his goons, Soo Reni (Sharmila Tagore). Soo Reni also falls in love with Vijay and is moved by the benefits of the bridge after Vijay explains it to her. Deng Do Rani grows furious after he learns about Soo Reni's betrayal and issues orders to kill her. Will Soo Reni survive the odds stacked against her? Can Vijay triumph in his mission to build a bridge and unite the two borders?